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Brazilian Coffee

A great high-quality Brazil coffee is soft, nutty, low acid, with nice bittersweet chocolate tastes. It also makes for an exceptional base for making flavored coffees.

One of the worlds favorites is a natural Brazil, where the coffee is laid out to sun dry with the cherry on. This imparts a rich dry fruit flavor onto the coffee bean, and adds to the body of the cup!

See the list of the top rated Brazilian Coffee for February 2021 here:

BestSelling Brazilian Coffee Products Reviewed – February 2021

Current Bestseller No. 1
Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast and Ground- Café Torrado e Moído - 17.60oz. (500g)(PACK OF 4)
944 Reviews
Current Bestseller No. 2
3 Coracoes Extra Forte Brazilian Ground Coffee Vacuum Packed 500 grams (Pack of 4)
216 Reviews
3 Coracoes Extra Forte Brazilian Ground Coffee Vacuum Packed 500 grams (Pack of 4)
  • Coffee with a remarkable flavor that displays good body definition, freshness & aroma
  • It's a great coffee, which brings many pleasant sensations that delight the senses
  • 3coracoes is the everyday's coffee of almost every Brazilian
  • 4 Vacuum Packed 17.6 oz to preserve the freshness, sealed and completely without micro-holes
Current Bestseller No. 3
Current Bestseller No. 4
Current Bestseller No. 5
Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Dark Brazil Cerrado Coffee, Medium-Dark Roast, Whole Bean, 2 Pound Bag
  • BOLD AND HEAVY BODIED WITH A MORE TRADITIONAL FLAVOR, This Medium-Dark Roast Coffee Has Notes of Cocoa and Walnut.
  • MUNDO NOVO, YELLOW CATUAI, AND RED CATUAI VARIETALS. Single-Origin from Cerrado, Brazil. Natural Processed and Sun/Mechanically Dried.
  • COFFEE FOR EVERYBODY - sustainably sourced and Proudly Roasted, Blended, and Packaged in USA.
  • ALL OUR COFFEES ARE ROASTED  in Our Environmentally Friendly Loring Roaster to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint.
  • AVAILABLE IN WHOLE BEAN AS 12 OZ, 2 LB, and 5 LB Bags.
  • Packaging may vary while we transition to our new design.
SaleCurrent Bestseller No. 6
Agua Santa Ground Coffee Medium Roast, Single Origin Brazilian Coffee, Direct Trade, 17.6 Oz (500g)
20 Reviews
Agua Santa Ground Coffee Medium Roast, Single Origin Brazilian Coffee, Direct Trade, 17.6 Oz (500g)
  • 100% ARABICA COFFEE - Agua Santa is Naturally Processed, 100% Arabica ground coffee, known for an amazing flavour and great aroma. The smooth balanced Medium roast was chosen to preserve natural and unique flavours and maintain a low acidity making a smooth and aromatic cup of coffee.
  • DIRECT TRADE - We ethically and sustainably source our beans and the whole process from growing to packaging supports sustainable farming practices. AGUA SANTA coffee is roasted and packaged in Brazil for a complete farm to cup experience.
  • COFFEE COOPERATIVES - We work with Coffee Cooperatives in our region, supporting and cooperating with farmers so we all have the chance to grow together and have better business opportunities, promoting the best coffee in Brazil.
  • AGUA SANTA COFFEE - Agua Santa Coffee is a family run business and we have pride in our products. We truly care about our customers and we are 100% dedicated to your complete satisfaction.
  • GOOD STUFF - Our coffee is GMO free, Keto and Vegan friendly, has no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. It’s a game changer for the start of your day!
Current Bestseller No. 7
Peet's Coffee Single Origin Brazil, Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 18 Ounce
9,248 Reviews
Peet's Coffee Single Origin Brazil, Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 18 Ounce
  • Single Origin Brazil: Whole, ripe coffee cherries from the Minas Gerais region sweeten in the Brazilian sun to create a coffee that is smooth and full bodied.
  • Flavor & Roast: Sun-dried sweet with natural notes of hazelnut. Medium roast.
  • Peet's Commitment: To achieve our signature rich flavor, we source the world’s best coffee beans, hand-roast them in small batches, and uphold the strictest standard of freshness.
  • ORIGIN AT ITS UTMOST: Our longstanding relationships with farmers across the globe allow us access to the world’s finest and rarest coffees. Each time you brew a Peet’s single-origin coffee, you’re guaranteed the quintessential expression of a coffee terroir.
  • Obsessed with Fresh: Do you know when your coffee was roasted? We do. Freshly roasted coffee means a more flavorful cup. We print the roast date on each and every bag so you know you are enjoying the freshest coffee possible.
  • Quality Guaranteed: 100% Arabica Coffee, Single Origin, Certified Kosher.
Current Bestseller No. 8
Eight O'Clock Ground Coffee, 100% Brazilian Breakfast, 11 Ounce
  • Mild acidity, smooth, and soft bodied
  • Smooth and soft bodied medium roast
  • 100% Arabica coffee sourced from Latin America
  • Perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy multiple cups throughout their day
  • Rainforest Alliance certified and kosher certified
Current Bestseller No. 9
1 X Café Pilão | the Full-bodied Coffee From Brazil - Medium Dark Roast 250g
  • Best Selling Coffee in Brazil
  • Intense & Full-bodied
  • 250g (8.8oz) pack
  • Vacuum sealed
Current Bestseller No. 10
The Coffee Candy Store Brazilian Coffee Candy, Family Pack, 500g, 138 Count
  • Made with real coffee
  • Gluten free hard candy
  • Family pack / big savings
Current Bestseller No. 11
Screen 18 Brazilian Santos Single Origin Premium Crafted Coffee, Whole Bean, 1 LB Bag
  • BRAZIL SANTOS (WHOLE BEAN): 16 oz (1 LB) Bag of Brazilian Santos 100% Arabica coffee beans. This region in southern Brazil is known for its delicious, bold yet very smooth coffee.
  • ROAST PROFILE: Medium/Dark Roasted. This heavy-bodied coffee captures the spirit of South America. It’s low in acidity, features a nutty and rich chocolate taste with a dash of spice that lingers on the palate.
  • SCREEN 18 CRAFTED COFFEE: Screen 18 refers to the sorting screen used to differentiate size/quality of green coffee beans. Coffee grown at higher elevations produce larger and denser beans that contribute to superior tasting coffee. We only source SCREEN 18 beans to deliver the best, carefully crafted cup of coffee.
  • FRESHLY ROASTED: Our coffee is freshly roasted in small batches to ensure superior taste & quality.
  • COLONIAL COFFEE ROASTERS: Founded in 1945 in Miami Florida, our legacy spans three generations of pride, heritage, expertise, & tradition. We are expert coffee roasters and we sell all our coffee lines on Amazon: Caffe Contempo, Colonial Coffee, & Screen 18!
Current Bestseller No. 12
3 Coracoes Brazilian Ground Coffee 500 grams (Premium ER, Pack of 4)
  • Tasting profile: medium roast, full-bodied, citric acidity, intense aroma with a lively ripe fruity flavor having notes of chocolate and caramel
  • Carefully handselected high quality coffee beans from different origins in Brazil with a special, careful roasting process
  • Packaged in a premium double seal vacuum bag for optimum flavor and quality
  • Imported from Brazil, 3 Coracoes brings you coffee that enamours
  • Pack of Four 500 Gram Bags

Top 5 Facts about Brazilian Coffee

Coffee is a beverage which enjoys a reputation as the first thing a person starts his or her day with. It gives that extra boost of caffeine, which is needed to kickstart and stay put through the rest of the day. Brazil enjoys a reputation as the undisputed king of coffee production. It has been producing about 25% of the worlds coffee for the past 150 years. Eighty percent of coffee produced by Brazil is the Arabica coffee. This coffee has a distinct taste which can be described as; soft, nutty, low acid and with a slight resemblance to bittersweet chocolate.

Below are some unique facts pertaining to this coffee:

1. A complex classification system

Brazil has set quite a complex classification system for its coffee. It is very much detailed and ranked according to its characteristics such as; screen sorting, color, and cupping. It is then assigned a rank from the best grade coffee to a lower grade on the basis of being soft, softish, hard, Riada, Rio and Rio zona. This allows consumers to have a large variety of options to choose from.

2. Specialty grade naturals

Naturally processed coffee means that the coffee cherries are picked and then dried without removing its outer skin or mucilage. This way we can divide coffee into natural (unwashed) or pulped natural (semi-washed). This characteristic is important as it adds a certain sweetness, smoothness, and complex texture to the beverage.

3. Ideal growing conditions

Brazil has been naturally gifted with conditions that make it an ideal place to grow and harvest coffee beans. The coffee growing regions are those near the Atlantic coast, near the southeast part of the country. It receives moderate sunlight and rains along with a stable temperature and low elevations which makes it perfect to grow Arabica and even Robusta coffee.

4. Coffee characteristics

This coffee is described to have a flavor of chocolate and nutty, ranging from milk chocolate to bitter cocoa and even toasted almond. Some higher grade coffee beans were grown at higher elevations also boast of having citrus and other brighter fruit essence in their taste profiles. Although, it is rare to find coffee with acidic content, which is a characteristic taste of higher elevations levels.

5. Honorable Mentions

For the first time taster; we would like to mention some Brazilian coffee types which would be sure to win over hearts. The Brazilian Santos which comes from the Santos port is the most well-known coffee of this region. Next is the Carmo de Minas, which is produced in slightly higher elevations and fertile soil and that is why it has more acidity along with soft fruit notes, and a sweet chocolaty body. Last but not the least, it is the Estate’s coffee which is grown in specific high-quality farms.

Having discussed some viable characteristics of this coffee, we would encourage our readers to find out the time to taste this coffee and delve their taste buds into its bittersweet richness.

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