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What is Cameroon Coffee?

Cameroon is strange in the Specialty Coffee arena.  To begin, this is West African coffee, not East African like most other arabica coffees like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.  A large percentage of Cameroon’s coffee has traditionally been robusta, grown in all provinces except the north, while arabica is mainly produced in the high altitudes of the west, northwest, and east.

See the list of the top rated Cameroon Coffee products for February 2021 here:

The Bestselling Cameroon Coffee Products Reviewed – February 2021

Current Bestseller No. 1
Cameroon Boyo Peaberry Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans 16oz
  • Grown in Cameroon, Boyo region
  • full body
  • More than FairTrade
  • The full traceability of the farmer-owned Cameroon Boyo Coffee micro lots is another way in which we hold ourselves accountable for our coffee, a testament of our confidence that we have delivered the quality coffee that will keep our customers returning, over and over!
  • 16oz
SaleCurrent Bestseller No. 2
Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Pods, Kona Blend, 12 Count (Pack of 6)
6,683 Reviews
Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Pods, Kona Blend, 12 Count (Pack of 6)
  • QUICK AND EASY: Six, 12 count boxes of 12 Kona Blend single serve, compostable, coffee pods. Cameron's Coffee strives to provide the convenience of a single serve pod with the quality of café brewed coffee.
  • RICH AND FLAVORFUL: This bright Hawaiian blend is a truly unique coffee with hints of chocolate and nuts.
  • THE FUTURE OF COFFEE: We’re proud to be one of the few North American coffee manufacturers with imported single serve technology from Bologna, Italy.
  • BETTER FOR THE EARTH: Cameron’s pods use a real coffee filter, not a plastic cup. Certified compostable in industrial compositing facilities. Check locally as these facilities do not exist in many communities.
  • WORKS AT HOME OR THE OFFICE: Compatible with Keurig 2.0 for a great coffee experience. If you enjoy pods from The Original Donut Shop, Dunkin' Donuts, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, or Starbucks - try Cameron's Coffee pods.
Current Bestseller No. 3
Cameron's Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee Bag, Flavored, Highlander Grog, 12 Ounce
  • UNIQUELY HANDCRAFTED COFFEE: One, 12 ounce bag of Cameron's Highlander Grog Blend. We craft Cameron's Coffee to be the smoothest, most flavorful coffee possible. Our coffee is sustainable, hand-crafted, and small-batch roasted.
  • RICH AND FLAVORFUL: This blend has flavors of rum with butterscotch, caramel, and vanilla.
  • ALWAYS SMOOTH, NEVER BITTER: We choose only the top 10% of Arabica coffee beans in the world, hand-crafted to perfection. Brew a smooth, full-flavor coffee experience every time. Never over-roasted.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: From roasting in small batches to reducing water consumption, Cameron’s Coffee is committed to making every day brighter. Creating positive change mean caring about our coffee, farmers, and the environment.
  • QUALITY FIRST: We choose only the top 10% of beans in the world, hand-crafted to perfection. Never over-roasted. If you enjoy Lavazza Coffee, Door County Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Death Wish Coffee, or Illy Coffee - try Cameron's Coffee.
Current Bestseller No. 4
Aroma Ridge, Cameroon Boyo Coffee, Rare Hand Selected Beans Grown in Rich Volcanic Soil, 16ounce, Whole Bean
2 Reviews
Aroma Ridge, Cameroon Boyo Coffee, Rare Hand Selected Beans Grown in Rich Volcanic Soil, 16ounce, Whole Bean
  • ENJOY FULL-BODIED COFFEE FROM THE HIGHEST ELEVATIONS OF BOYO, CAMEROON – Grown on a single family-owned estate in dark, nutrient rich African volcanic soil at elevations exceeding 5,000 feet,
  • The full trace-ability of the farmer-owned Cameroon Boyo Coffee micro lots is another way in which we hold ourselves accountable for our coffee, a testament of our confidence that we have delivered the quality coffee that will keep our customers returning, over and over!
  • Coffees grown in dark and nutrient rich volcanic soil
  • COFFEE ROASTING AS ART - Aroma Ridge is a small family-owned company of four generations of master coffee roasters. Our artists roast "by eye and by ear" to deliver a perfect cup of coffee directly to you. Benefit from our commitment to perfection and "Drink Better Coffee" today!
  • KNOW YOU ARE BUYING DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE, GUARANTEED THE BEST CUP OF COFFEE YOU'VE HAD - Aroma Ridge enjoys family-like relationships with all our estates and growers. If you don't agree this is just about the best cup of coffee you've ever had, return for a full refund. Easy Amazon return
Current Bestseller No. 5
Cameroon Peaberry Coffee, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
  • Cameroon Peaberry Coffee is grown with abundant sunshine on the African Continent. The secret to fine coffee is the hand process which allows a fine mellow, aromatic and rich full bodied character.
  • Medium roasted whole beans allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste.
  • Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Current Bestseller No. 6
Chicago Roast Bean Dark Roasted Coffee Beans, 100% Arabica and Robusta, Fair Trade Organic, 16-Ounce / 1-Pound Bag Sweet Fruity, and Well Balanced - Bamenda Coffee
  • THE BASIC ON BAMENDA COFFEE BEAN - During the Process, the fruit part is stripped away and the seed inside is dried to leave raw green coffee beans. The roasted beans are ground and brewed to make our favorite drink.
  • COFFEE FOR EVERY OCCASION - Is made of 100% arabica and robusta coffee that will surely make you ask for more. We meticulously do this in small batches to lock in freshness and quality in every packaging. Our coffee beans will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • PRODUCED WITH HAND PICKED ORGANIC BEANS - Bamenda coffee bean upgraded beans are harvested in Africa and Latin America from passive organic estates without chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.).
  • EXCEPTIONAL REASONS - There are good reasons to drink Bamenda Coffee, and one of which is the exceptional health benefits that it offers. A daily cup of coffee can help improve energy levels in your body, improve physical strength performance, lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, may protect your liver, may lower your risk of certain types of cancer, and more!
  • ORGANIC AND FAIR TRADE - We provide the finest coffee for you to drink. Cameroonian coffee beans, Roasted and packed in the U.S.A
Current Bestseller No. 7
Cameroon Coffee, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
  • 100% Cameroon Boyo Coffee Beans. Aromatic, mellow, and rich full bodied coffee.
  • Medium roasted whole beans.
  • Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Current Bestseller No. 8
Current Bestseller No. 9
Peak Performance High Altitude Organic Coffee. Fair Trade, Non GMO, and Beans Full Of Antioxidants! Medium Roast Low Acid Smooth Tasting USDA Certified Organic Ground Coffee 12oz Bag
  • Fair Trade - USDA Certified Organic - Single Origin - High Altitude. If We Could Make This Coffee Any Healthier We Would! Medium Roast. Also Comes With Free Special Report Called "How To Make The Healthiest Cup Of Coffee"
  • Healthy Coffee Rule #1) Always Go Organic. Why? Because conventional coffee is one of the most heavily treated crops. One of the many health risks is that they can act as "xenoestrogens" in your body disrupting balance for both men and women.
  • Healthy Coffee Rule #2) Coffee Grown At High Altitude Is Better. Why? Because the higher the altitude the coffee is grown at, the denser the bean. You may have heard the term "Strictly Hard Bean" (SHB) which denotes an especially dense, high-altitude coffee. This Peak Performance Organic Coffee grown in the Guatemalan Highlands is a perfect example of this. This higher elevation bean is more dense and thus of a higher quality grade. High Altitude Coffee also tends to have more antioxidants!
  • Healthy Coffee Rule #3) Single Origin Coffee Is Better. Why? Because while "Blended" Coffee like a "Breakfast Blend" might sound cool... there's a much higher likelihood that at least one of the bean varieties that went into that blend was contaminated meaning the entire batch is now contaminated.
  • Over 300,000 Happy Customers + 1-for-1 Donation To Vitamins Angels. Peak Performance is celebrating over 300,000 happy customers and we are also very proud of our 1-for-1 donation match program. For every unit you purchase, through our partnership with the nonprofit Vitamin Angels, we will supply a child at risk of malnutrition with vitamins for 1 year! So thank you for helping us continue this great cause!
Current Bestseller No. 10
Go Africa Coffee 1Ib Bag (Whole Bean) Dark Roast
  • Go Africa Coffee is a Premium African Coffee made with a unique blend of ancestral roasting and processing techniques handed down by Africans for over 2,000 years in order to yield the optimal balance of flavor, taste, and aroma
  • Perfect for Espressos, Lattes, French Press, Pleasure & Causal sipping
  • Blended African Coffee Beans
  • 100% Gourmet Coffee from one or more of following countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Democratic Republic of the Congo).
  • Premium Whole Coffee Beans. 100% Organic and Fair Trade Compliant.
Current Bestseller No. 11
Jesus Coffee Cameroonian Gift, Cameroon Premium T-Shirt
  • Are you looking for gifts for Cameroonians, or Cameroon clothing? Then this Cameroon gift is meant just for you!
  • This premium t-shirt is made of lightweight fine jersey fabric
  • Fit: Men’s fit runs small, size up for a looser fit. Women’s fit is true to size, order usual size.
Current Bestseller No. 12
Agricultural Price Policy and Export and Food Production in Cameroon: A Farming Systems Analysis of Pricing Policies.- The Case of Coffee-Based Farming Systems (Development Economics and Policy)
  • Fadani, Andrea (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 279 Pages - 11/01/1999 (Publication Date) - Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften (Publisher)

Top 5 amazing facts about the Cameroon Coffee Industry

The Republic of Cameroon is located at the intersection of Central Africa and West Africa. It used to produce mass amounts of lower grade Robusta coffee, but the late 1990’s sawed a Farmers cooperative initiative which has resulted in harvesting high-grade organic Arabica coffee. Most of this cultivation takes place in the mountainous regions of the country known as boyo. This region boasts of dark nutrient-rich soil.

Some amazing facts about Cameroon’s most famous caffeinated drink are discussed below:

1. Coffee Varieties

Arabica coffee of Cameroon offers two other varieties which are the Jamaica (typica) and the java. The java variety gained wide popularity after it was known that it offered protection against the coffee berry disease which had become a nuisance to coffee crops in the past. Most of these varieties which were being exported were commercial-grade but the Cameroon Boyo Coffee is a variety which boasts a specialty grade and has the ability to offer a higher resistance to diseases and higher crop yield.

2. Processing methods

In order to improve their yield and harvesting, farmers adopted better processing methods. Not very long ago, the wet process method was commonly used after harvesting the beans. Either the farmers would wash it (farmer washed) or a centralized washing mill (centrally/ full washed) would take over that responsibility. A third initiative which has gained favor is micro-washing by micro wash stations. In the Farmer washing method, the coffee is pulped, fermented washed, and then dried. The dried parchment is then sold for further processing. In contrast, there are only a few centralized mills located in large regional stations. Only a small percentage of coffee export comes from these mills.

3. Coffee producers in Cameroon

The coffee producers in Cameroon are usually elderly men who have an incomplete formal education. A higher number of educated youth are also being encouraged to join this industry. The best part of this industry is that it also supports women workers, who are encouraged to grow other food crops along with their coffee crops. This has led to a higher increase of new farmers joining this initiative.

4. Coffee production being sustainable

Coffee production has been declining for the past 20 years, in spite of government efforts at encouraging local farmers. The start of the Cameroon Boyo collaborative trade process is the only approach that is growing and ensures an interest of younger generations in coffee farming.

5. More than Fairtrade

The Cameroon Boyo Farmers use the term ‘More than Fair practice’ instead of ‘Fairtrade’, in which they share both the risks and profits of their own businesses. This has enabled farmers to provide high-grade coffee without charging exorbitant prices to its customers.

Cameroon coffee industry is a growing industry in spite of government and farmer efforts. It boasts of a chocolaty yet mellow flavor while providing a full caffeine boost. Most of it is imported, and the imported product is distributed worldwide as higher grade exotic coffee beans.

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