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Is All Coffee The Same?

We have already discussed how coffees that are laden with heavy creams and sugars will not have the same health benefits as black coffee. However, what about the different beans, roasts and brewing methods? According to Science Daily, the beneficial compounds per serving of coffee vary depending on the bean, the roasting method, and the brewing method.

What does this mean for you and the reduced risk of cancer?
Well, it may not mean that much. One study showed a decreased risk for colorectal cancer regardless of what flavor or for the coffee was.

Coffee February Even Help If You Already Have Cancer

While many studies focused on the reduction of risk that coffee can give a person for getting cancer, one unique study looked at the effects of coffee on those who already had cancer. This study followed people who were in stage III colon cancer. This study found that in those who had remission from their cancer, drinking two cups of coffee daily was associated with a reduced risk of cancer recurrence and even death from colon cancer. CBS News reports that this protection was even higher for those who were drinking four to five cups of coffee daily.

The interesting part of this study was that it analyzed the consumption of non-herbal teas, decaf coffee or single cup of coffee drinks. There was no significant benefit to any of those who drank those beverages. The benefit was only seen when two or more caffeinated coffee beverages were drunk daily.

Is Coffee A Magic Bullet?

When it comes to health and reduced risks for cancer, anything that has the track record for risk reduction that coffee does could easily be labeled a magic bullet. The thing to remember about coffee is that it does not come without its own set of risks. Those who are sensitive to caffeine may not find the 3-4 cups of coffee a day necessary to reduce cancer risk tolerable. High levels of caffeine can also interfere with your sleep cycle and can cause irritations to the bladder and bowel.

If you already love coffee, here is just another reason to fill your mug. If you can’t stand the stuff, you can get antioxidants from plenty of other sources. Though they may not have the same effect that coffee does, they probably won’t leave you with the jitters either. Coffee is one drink that may do more than just wake you up.