How To Choose An All-In-One Coffee Maker 

Why suit yourself with just one style of coffee when you can have more with an all in one coffee maker.  Having this device will make you realize you’re missing out a lot on your coffee experience because you’re stuck with your good old-fashioned coffee maker.

So, if you want to bring your daily coffee experience a notch higher, and add more flavor into the blend, then get yourself the best all in one coffee machine.

To save you from troubles when choosing which one to buy, let me help you streamline your options by knowing the qualities of a stellar all in one coffee machine.

H2: What Makes a Great All-in-one Coffee Machine

In a sea of all-in-one coffee machines, one can easily get lost and just pick up the most pretty-looking or the cheapest product there is. Buying any product this way, especially if it’s coffee makers, is a sure way to experience disappointment later.

Before you buy any combination coffee maker, make sure they have the following features.

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H3: Grinder

Modern-day coffee makers are revolutionized, and they now come with more features, one of which is a grinder. Imagine what a hassle it is to have a separate grinder and coffee maker, and each sits on your countertop, consuming space. But with a coffee maker that comes with a grinder, you get the convenience of two machines in one. It saves you space in your kitchen. But more than saving space, having a grinder means you can prepare your bean just before brewing, which is an essential element in a great-tasting coffee. Without a readily available grinder, you’ll have to grind more beans that are meant for more than a single preparation and store them for later use. Doing so leads to bean deterioration and a surefire way to spoil your next coffee experience. So, if you think a grinder isn’t important to match a coffee maker, think again.

H3: Frother

Now, this is where our coffee maker can get truly exciting when it features a frother! Imagine all the things you can do with your coffee maker all in one that’s equipped with a frother. Even if you don’t like your coffee foamy, surely, someone in your family does. Or if you have friends coming by for a talk, wouldn’t it be nice to surprise them with a froth-layered coffee top? You can achieve this using an all-in-one coffee maker with a frother. The last part is essential.


But it’s not enough that your coffee maker comes with a frother. To make the foam richer and creamier, the coffee maker must provide enough pressure, and it can only be achieved with a 15 BAR pump. BAR is how pressure is measured, and some coffee makers have lower BAR. So, take note of this when shopping for a combination coffee maker.

H3: How Many Drinks Can it Make?

“The more, the merrier” holds true for all-in-one coffee makers. Imagine being able to prepare your espresso, latte, cappuccino, and other drinks using a single machine at the comfort of your home. Some brands even allow making teas! This feature is the ultimate pride of any all-in-one coffee maker, as it is its very essence. Without this feature, any coffee maker that claims to be all-in-one is a scam, and you just have to keep scrolling as it’s not worth the money you’ll invest.

H3: Pre-program Settings

We aren’t done yet with what can go with your coffee maker. There are certainly more features to talk about. Let’s shine a light on pre-programmed settings. This component allows you to produce consistent-tasting drinks because it determines the blend and strength in each drink. This is another must-have setting in your all in one coffee maker.

H2: Conclusion:

An all in one coffee maker is a pleasure to have at home or in your office. After all, coffee with its satisfying taste and sensual aroma is a great way to calm down the nerves and to get you productive. Your investment for this device will surely be worth it.  

Green Mountain Costa Rica Paraiso Coffee Review – February 04, 2021


February 4, 2021

GREEN MOUNTAIN coffee Company Information

Green Mountain Coffee Company is an interesting story in coffee history. The company was founded in 1981, and started as a small specialty coffee roaster in Vermont. In 1993, they acquired Keurig brewing, and began selling the famous K-Cup coffee format. Coffee sales and growth soon skyrocketed and the company expanded rapidly. Today the company produces 30 different coffee flavors and blends in the K-Cup format as well as hot cocoa, tea and iced tea beverages.

The simplicity of the Keurig K-Cup format is what makes it so popular since the coffee pods can produce a fresh cup of coffee in approximately 2 -3 minutes with almost no mess of the regular drip and french press brewing methods.

Coffee Brew Time

2 minutes

Coffee Review

Phil didn’t see his shadow.  This is seriously huge news.  Millions were lost on this one peeps, more than on that football game on Sunday.  Do you realize in the history of GroundHog Day that Punxsutawney Phil has never woke up 2 years in a row and missed seeing his shadow? Never!  This was “a lock” as they say in the gambling world. “He didn’t see his shadow last year so he’s definitely going to see it this year, bet the farm on SHADOW.” “Blue Horseshoe loves, SHADOW, got it?”  Nope, didn’t happen.  He rolled out of the hole, looked around at all the crazy people who stayed up all night in the snow and freezing cold weather, scratched himself in places we won’t talk about, yawned and said, “No Shadow!”  An early spring, 2 years in a row.  Al Gore is probably dancing in the streets. Greta is warming up for her next speech about how her childhood was robbed by a groundhog. Elon is already taking deposits on his next make believe vehicle, The PUX.

Let’s get down to business on the coffee review.  Green Mountain Coffee Costa Rica Paraiso is a medium roast coffee.  The Keurig K-Cups make this so simple to make it could become easy to start making this brewing method a daily routine, which is probably why they are so popular in the coffee world. Kinda like Phil, simple and gets the job done morning after morning.

Coffee Characteristics

The Green Mountain Costa Rica Parasio

Coffee roast

The coffee roast is a medium roast coffee.  They make coffee bean and ground coffee products for this roast so if you don’t have a Keurig machine you can still use a french press or traditional drip coffee maker to brew the coffee.

coffee aroma

I had to open a K-Cup to smell the coffee aroma since the coffee brewer usually does that for you. The coffee aroma is hearty, and has a nice floral scent.

coffee body

The body is medium, a standard medium roast and medium body. It’s a solid coffee.

coffee Sweetness

I don’t detect any sweetness on this coffee. Like Phil, no shadow and I got no sweetness this morning.

coffee acidity

The acidity does seem a little high for a medium roast to me. It’s higher than I would have expected.

coffee mouthfeel

The feel is crisp, and a little flat but not uncomfortable.

coffee Finish

The finish is moderate and reminds me of the coffee I drank back in the donut shoppe days.  The smell of coffee walking in and the taste was always a treat.  This isn’t a complex coffee, it’s got a solid taste that delivers.


  • True medium roast coffee
  • Crisp and floral
  • Keurig Coffee Maker makes it so easy to brew


The acidity is a little higher than I like and gives me a slight sour taste on the finish, but that taste does eventually disappear.


This coffee is a nice everyday choice for low effort since it’s offered in the K-Cup format. It delvers good flavor for a medium roast coffee. Personally this isn’t the coffee I would drink daily, just like Phil, he’s fun to watch once a year and experience.  It’s a good coffee to have if you are looking for an easy, little effort coffee making experience with consistent results each morning. Enjoy!


Black Rifle Freedom Blend K Cup Coffee Review – January 31, 2021

black rifle coffee review

January 31, 2021

Black rifle coffee Company Information

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a unique story.  The company was founded in 2014 by Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret.  Hafer produced just one coffee blend when he first started, it was the Freedom Roast coffee, and it sold so well, that the rest is history. Black Rifle coffee is now known not only for it’s high quality coffee products, but for it’s pervasive marketing and advertising campaigns.  They have a reputation as a patriot coffee company because they donate a portion of their sales to military, local police and first responders.

Let’s see if the coffee can hold it’s own with this review, or if it’s just another over-hyped caffeine crazed social media experiment.

Coffee Brew Time

2 minutes

Coffee Review

Let me just start this by saying, I lost another coffee friend yesterday. We had been friends for only about 5 years, but it was a really special relationship, because he was always there when I needed him.  He will be missed, just like the other 4 coffee cups that have shattered into thousands of pieces by someone, who shall remain nameless, but knows who she is and how serious this is starting to become in our house.

Since we are down another coffee cup and I’m going to have to start doing spare jobs on the side to afford to buy new one’s, I decided we would go simple today and review one of the most popular Black Rifle Coffee products, the Freedom Blend K Cup.  It’s easy to make with the Keuring Coffee Maker and if the coffee is as good as it’s been touted online, then I should be happy.  I’m not a big fan of K Cups, but I’m always willing to test, and retest and keep an open mind.  The same way I’m keeping an open mind that some magically fairy princess will swoop down and one day wave a magic wand and instantly make all my broken coffee cups come back to life.

Coffee Characteristics

The Freedom Blend K Cups are surprisingly good. I’m ashamed to admit, this coffee is much better than I thought it would be.  The Keurig machine has done a great job this morning.

Coffee roast

The coffee roast is a medium roast coffee.  They make coffee bean and ground coffee products for this roast called the Freedom Roast. Don’t confuse this blend with the Black Rifle Freedom Fuel blend, which is a dark roast coffee.

coffee aroma

The coffee aroma is deep and hearty, and isn’t weak, it’s got some legs to it and is a little more intense than I thought it would be for a K Cup.

coffee body

The body is medium it’s not too heavy, it’s got a pleasant lightness about it but not too light, the roast is balanced and fine.

coffee Sweetness

Hints of cocoa, a little touch of caramel, maybe a smidge of toffee, it’s all there in this coffee.

coffee acidity

I love the low acidity in this coffee, it’s got a really nice balance and it’s incredibly smooth for a K Cup coffee.  Much better than most I’ve tried in the past.

coffee mouthfeel

The feel is slightly rich with a hint of crispness but balanced and smooth

coffee Finish

The finish is nice and smooth.  I get a little chocolate on the back of it, but it’s not a heavy chocolate flavor.  The roast is balanced and has the refined flavor of the better quality medium roast coffees.


  • True medium roast coffee
  • Balanced roast, and excellent acidity and flavor
  • Rich finish but not heavy


There isn’t much to say in terms of negativity about this coffee.  It’s a solid coffee and one of the better one’s I’ve had from the K Cup products.  The Black Rifle website says the brew methods for this coffee are Espresso, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Drip, and Press. I’d like to review the French Press version to see the difference in taste and I may do that in a future coffee review, so stay tuned.


I will be the first to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the ability of this coffee to deliver in a K Cup. The coffee itself is very good and the taste and flavor are among the higher class medium roast coffee products on the market today.  This coffee is definitely worth a try if you are a regular K Cup user and want to expand your horizons and try something different.

Black Rifle Freedom Blend K Cup COFFEESTRONG SCORE: 91

Keurig coffee machines

It is not only hard but impossible to find an espresso machine that fulfills the desire of the coffee lovers and provide as much coffee as they want. It’s simply a very tough task as each brand though claim to offer the finest machines lack in one or the other technicality. Among all the fine coffee makers, only a few brands have managed to offer products that deserve a clap and Keurig coffee machines are one of them. Keurig is serving the market since the early nineties. The brand launched its first K-cup pod coffee machine in 1992.

Since then, the brand has manufactured a variety of products. It specializes in building coffee makers that are ideal for use at home and bars. The brand has launched different coffee machines among which few coffee makers are good for home use while the other sturdy machines are perfect for commercial usage. You can keep a small machine at your home or office for your morning coffee and enjoy drinking your favorite beverage every day.

Features of the best Keurig coffee makers

The features that you must check while considering to a buy the coffee maker is as follows:

1. The extent of use

There are both small and large machines available in the market. The smaller ones are more suitable for use at home as they are portable and easy to handle. The large sturdy machines are best for use at the commercial sites. These machines offer customization options when it comes to deciding the strength of the coffee and the brew size.

2. The price and warranty of the product

Though the Keurig brand is known for its cost-effective prices in the market, the machines are available in a wide range of price. Always go for the one that falls within your budget. Also, do check the warranty period of the machine. Purchasing a product with good warranty time period makes it easy for the buyers to get it repaired if damaged.

3. Performance according to the features

  • Brewing quantity

For the purpose of brewing the coffee, the K-cups and the K-carafes are available in the market. Each helps in brewing little and large quantities of coffee respectively.

  • Brewing temperature range

The multiple options for brewing temperatures are what give a unique flavor to the coffee. Thus, while buying the machine, make sure you opt for the one that offers different temperature ranges.

  • Advanced features

The automatic and touchscreen coffee makers are the advanced versions of the coffee machines. They make it easy to use the machine and offer great customer experience. You can get your coffee or milk drink with a single touch! The beautifully designed and durable machines can be programmed to turn-off automatically as well.

  • Water tank/ reservoir

The water tanks of the Keurig coffee makers come in different styles. The hinged-front opening makes it easy to refill the tank with the water. It comes in large size as well and is easy to clean with the help of the de-scale indicator.