Cafe Don Pablo Columbian Supremo Coffee Review – January 27, 2021

January 27, 2021

Daily Coffee Review

What is the best way to make coffee?  If you Google it, you’ll see millions of pages mentioning it.  Yesterday we watched a movie that dealt with determination, sacrifice, disappointment and precision.  That sounds like life in general doesn’t it? It’s a struggle sometimes, and the odds are the better you are at managing these qualities, the more fulfilling life will be for you.

Let’s skip the first 3 qualities and go to precision.  Precision is the result of a large degree of patience and thorough execution, over and over sometimes. It can be meaningless to execute over and over if you have sloppy precision.  Your results will be all inconsistent, and inconsistency can lead to frustration and ultimately failure.

Blah Blah Blah……how the heck does this have anything to do with coffee?  Simple, be precise when it comes to the amounts of water you use in each carafe, french press, or pot.  Measure your coffee amounts carefully and be sure the coffee water temperature is in that sweet spot of 195 degrees to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.  Simple things executed over and over…it leads to consistent results and can make you much more fulfilled.

With that in mind today’s coffee review will be with a country well known for consistency, Columbia. Today’s coffee review is Don Pablo Columbian Supremo Ground Coffee.

Coffee Maker


Coffee Water Temperature

200 Degrees Fahrenheit / 94 Degree Celsius

Coffee Filter

Melitta No. 4

Coffee Roast

This is a medium-dark roast coffee

Coffee Aroma

The coffee aroma is nice and rich with a hint of smoke and some citrus

Coffee Body

The body of the coffee is mild and smooth.  It’s medium body so there’s a clean element associated with the mildness that I would expect from a medium body coffee.

Coffee Sweetness

The coffee has some sweetness but only slightly.

Coffee Acidity

The acidity level is medium low on this coffee.

Coffee Mouthfeel

The coffee has a light feeling in my mouth, not like the big bolder feelings I get with some of the heavier coffee.  It’s enjoyable and not too complex and exactly what I would expect from ground Columbian coffee.

Coffee Finish

The finish on the coffee is interesting because it’s a bit flat at first but then it seems to become much more rich after a few seconds.  The first time I took a sip, I thought it was burnt a bit and slightly tangy but that taste wore off immediately and it became a very pleasant finish.  The characteristics are those that describe classic Columbian Coffee.


Coffee, is like anything else in life.  When made with precision can lead to a very enjoyable experience.  If you just take a little extra time preparing your coffee you might just be surprised at the results, and if may even put you in a better mood with a giant smile on your face.  Here’s to and smiling for the rest of the day, enjoy your coffee! Score

Cafe Don Pablo Columbian Supremo Score:  90 points / 100

Colombian Coffee

People who love to drink coffee tend to know a lot about the flavor they like and the brand they would love to buy every time they visit the grocery store. With Colombian coffee in the market, picking any other brand for freshly roasted, original and delicious coffee beans is nearly impossible. Though there are a lot of other brands and lands perfect for coffee production, the quality of coffee beans from Colombia is simply irreplaceable.

The land is geographically known for its amazing plant growth promoting features. From the climate of the area to the fertility of the land, and the high height of the landscape; everything supports the farmers to cultivate coffee plants and earn a profit from them.

Shedding light on Colombia’s coffee plantation

It has been cited by a lot of researchers that Colombia produces mildly flavored and well-balanced beans. The first batch of coffee export from Colombia was held in 1835 which states that it was not until the mid of 18th century when the farmers found out the secret about their land. Since then, Colombia has managed to stay as the second largest producers of coffee but unfortunately came below in the rank as other areas improved their coffee production.

The processing of coffee beans starts from the day when the farmers sow the seeds on the steep fertile slopes of the Colombian land. Since then, regular watering is done and care is taken to make sure the coffee plants flourish and grow. As soon as the coffee cherries are seen, they are picked from the plant after reaching an appropriate size. These outer and inner parts of the cherries are separated and the green beans are sent to the roasting area. Then, according to the desired taste, the green beans are divided into sections and roasted for sale. Different brand companies properly pack the product and sell them to make a profit.

What makes it the world’s favorite coffee?

This top supplier of instant coffee market produces different varieties of coffee which is why it is popular in the market. From the typical traditional Arabica to its varietals like typical, Bourbon, Caturra and Maragogype; Colombia produces each one of them.

It is no surprise that the Colombian coffee is sold in café and bars throughout the world. Colombia is lucky to have more than 25 different brands and varieties of coffee. Even trying a new taste of coffee will give pleasure for a long time and this is what drives the users the most. Each brand offers high-quality packed coffee beans which are picked, washed, dried and roasted properly. They usually prefer to roast a small portion of beans at a time to ensure freshly packed packages for the grocery stores.

The few famous brands of Colombian coffee include the Juan Valdez Premium Bold Colombian Coffee with its intense fragrance and delicious taste, the Sello Rojo Roast & Ground Coffee with its authentic aroma, the Caza Trail Coffee, and a few others.