Green Mountain Costa Rica Paraiso Coffee Review – February 04, 2021


February 4, 2021

GREEN MOUNTAIN coffee Company Information

Green Mountain Coffee Company is an interesting story in coffee history. The company was founded in 1981, and started as a small specialty coffee roaster in Vermont. In 1993, they acquired Keurig brewing, and began selling the famous K-Cup coffee format. Coffee sales and growth soon skyrocketed and the company expanded rapidly. Today the company produces 30 different coffee flavors and blends in the K-Cup format as well as hot cocoa, tea and iced tea beverages.

The simplicity of the Keurig K-Cup format is what makes it so popular since the coffee pods can produce a fresh cup of coffee in approximately 2 -3 minutes with almost no mess of the regular drip and french press brewing methods.

Coffee Brew Time

2 minutes

Coffee Review

Phil didn’t see his shadow.  This is seriously huge news.  Millions were lost on this one peeps, more than on that football game on Sunday.  Do you realize in the history of GroundHog Day that Punxsutawney Phil has never woke up 2 years in a row and missed seeing his shadow? Never!  This was “a lock” as they say in the gambling world. “He didn’t see his shadow last year so he’s definitely going to see it this year, bet the farm on SHADOW.” “Blue Horseshoe loves, SHADOW, got it?”  Nope, didn’t happen.  He rolled out of the hole, looked around at all the crazy people who stayed up all night in the snow and freezing cold weather, scratched himself in places we won’t talk about, yawned and said, “No Shadow!”  An early spring, 2 years in a row.  Al Gore is probably dancing in the streets. Greta is warming up for her next speech about how her childhood was robbed by a groundhog. Elon is already taking deposits on his next make believe vehicle, The PUX.

Let’s get down to business on the coffee review.  Green Mountain Coffee Costa Rica Paraiso is a medium roast coffee.  The Keurig K-Cups make this so simple to make it could become easy to start making this brewing method a daily routine, which is probably why they are so popular in the coffee world. Kinda like Phil, simple and gets the job done morning after morning.

Coffee Characteristics

The Green Mountain Costa Rica Parasio

Coffee roast

The coffee roast is a medium roast coffee.  They make coffee bean and ground coffee products for this roast so if you don’t have a Keurig machine you can still use a french press or traditional drip coffee maker to brew the coffee.

coffee aroma

I had to open a K-Cup to smell the coffee aroma since the coffee brewer usually does that for you. The coffee aroma is hearty, and has a nice floral scent.

coffee body

The body is medium, a standard medium roast and medium body. It’s a solid coffee.

coffee Sweetness

I don’t detect any sweetness on this coffee. Like Phil, no shadow and I got no sweetness this morning.

coffee acidity

The acidity does seem a little high for a medium roast to me. It’s higher than I would have expected.

coffee mouthfeel

The feel is crisp, and a little flat but not uncomfortable.

coffee Finish

The finish is moderate and reminds me of the coffee I drank back in the donut shoppe days.  The smell of coffee walking in and the taste was always a treat.  This isn’t a complex coffee, it’s got a solid taste that delivers.


  • True medium roast coffee
  • Crisp and floral
  • Keurig Coffee Maker makes it so easy to brew


The acidity is a little higher than I like and gives me a slight sour taste on the finish, but that taste does eventually disappear.


This coffee is a nice everyday choice for low effort since it’s offered in the K-Cup format. It delvers good flavor for a medium roast coffee. Personally this isn’t the coffee I would drink daily, just like Phil, he’s fun to watch once a year and experience.  It’s a good coffee to have if you are looking for an easy, little effort coffee making experience with consistent results each morning. Enjoy!


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