6 Ways Coffee Boosts Energy And Focus

If there is one major benefit to drinking coffee, it has to be the increased energy. As a daily routine, right as we wake up to start a very busy day, we drink coffee to give us the boost of energy we need to get through a day of corporate life or help us get through what lies ahead at whatever job we perform, or do on a daily basis.

Does coffee really help us get through our day? Absolutely. At least, for a period of time, it does. After a short while though, the energy from the coffee can diminish causing us to reach for more to achieve the same effect. Regardless, coffee can be a strong pick me up any time you need to push your productivity into high gear.

Do you think coffee is right for you? Let’s go!

Coffee Has An Effect On The Brain

As the day wears on, our circadian rhythm tells us it is time to slow down and starts as we start to feel sleepy and a period of relaxation sets in. This is normal and is actually good for good health because it ensures we get enough sleep.

The way this occurs is due to the action of adenosine on its receptors, aptly named the adenosine receptors. Caffeine and adenosine share structures that are very similar and both belong to a group of compounds known as xanthines.

Coffee Improves Physical Performance

Caffeine found in coffee improves muscular contractions and blood flow in the body, allowing for smoother neuro-muscular transitions and increased force of contraction. This is perfect for athletes trying to gain an edge on their competitors while training or competing. Caffeine will do this for anyone involved in physical work for that matter, as its benefits should certainly help your resistance to fatigue.

Coffee Improves Motor Function

Motor function refers to the level of efficiency that we can perform tasks with our limbs, such as performing tasks with our hands like playing the piano or typing on your computer. It is for this reason that the caffeine from coffee is at the top of the list when it comes to improving efficiency and doing repetitive tasks or jobs.

Coffee Enhances Your Mood

You will never be at your best when you are depressed or stressed out, or even anxious. The state you are in emotionally plays a vital role in your energy and focus when you must complete specific tasks at an optimum level. Drinking a cup of coffee raises brain chemicals that promote a sense of well-being, allowing you to perform in a state of emotional efficiency.

#Coffee and Energy Levels

One of the greatest attributes of the effect of coffee in the body is the increased output of adrenalin from the adrenal glands. Adrenalin keeps the body in a high energy state, to perform at peak intensities.

Coffee Enhances Your Working Memory

Think of this as a computer’s RAM processor, which is the processing power plant in your brain. By increasing your working memory, you are less prone to be distracted and allows you to have a clean flow of energy to the brain.


Coffee is very useful when consumed before a task or activity that requires you have a high degree of focus or energy. Just be careful to not become too reliant on coffee, consuming it just for the sake of doing it. This will lead to tolerance and diminished effects when you really do need it.