The strong energetic caffeine kick early in the morning and the mesmerizing aroma of the expertly roasted coffee beans is something that all the coffee lovers look forward to. Enter a cafe that sells the best coffee in the world and you’ll be impressed by its ambiance. Puerto Rico is popular for many things and their coffee is one of their main exports throughout the world.

History of the Puerto Rican coffee:

Puerto Rica is a Caribbean Island situated near the U.S. territory with the amazing eye-pleasing scenic beauty of the mountains and vibrant coastlines. In the 17-18th century at the time of the Spanish colonial rule, coffee was harvested as a minor cash crop in the Island. The production continued and flourished till the late 19th century and the Island became famous as the world’s seventh largest coffee production area. Puerto Rico’s ideal geographic location, mountainous terrain, and quality soil favored the growth of coffee. Then with the advent of the rule of United States, the focus of commercial production shifted from coffee to sugar cane. The Puerto Rican coffee made its grand appearance in an early 20th century when it was served at the official state dinners at the White House.

Since the past many years, the export of coffee beans from Puerto Rican has decreased owing to the disastrous hurricanes. This has greatly reduced the export of coffee from the Island but nevertheless, many coffee cafes and bare are launched in the area to improve this status. The baristas, roasters and the shop owners are eager to take the coffee industry of the Island to the next level.

Handling procedure for the coffee beans:

Once the beans are carefully picked from the farm, they are processed by 24-hours wet fermentation. The goal is to produce a palatable taste! The beans are then washed and kept under the sun for 5 to 7 days to make sure they are dried. The duration and amount of roasting are what decides the amount of caffeine in the beans. These fresh and appetizing coffee beans are then packed and supplied to the customers.

Variety of coffee:

The region is famous for producing local or regional coffees. Most of the varieties are not even tested by the people outside Puerto Rica. This thirst to taste the finest coffee is what attracts the people worldwide to get this amazing coffee. There are above 25 best Puerto Rican coffees that will leave you enthralled by its taste and aroma. The best ones include Alto Grande, Yaucono coffee, Lareno Coffee, Expresso coffee, De Mi Tierra Coffee, and so on.

How to get your hands on the favorite coffee brand?


Those who live on the beautiful Island get to taste the heavenly coffee every day. Those living outside the area can get it delivered to their city/ country by ordering their favorite variety online. The high-quality coffee beans are packed in a variety of bags and bundles giving the best surprises to your taste buds.