When it comes to having the finest cup of coffee with a flavor worth dying for, Yemeni coffee is what coffee lovers look up to! Yemen claims to produce the oldest and tastiest coffee worldwide. A city named Mocha is located near the Red Sea coast of Yemen and is famous for being the major marketplace for the dark-brown, stunning coffee beans since the 15th century. Mocha reached the summit as coffee producers from 15th to the early 18th century. The trade flourished throughout the world but soon the war and chaos that struck Yemen reduced their coffee sale and trade.

Yemen’s rugged landscape is perfect for coffee production!

The geometric mountainous extensions of the city present the perfect landscape and terraces for the growth of coffee. Since the past 500 years, the people living there have harvested the coffee seeds in pretty much the same way.

The old techniques and tricks are followed by the present farmers in order to produce the same high-quality coffee products. The summer season helps coffee trees flourish and the rainy days support their growth. As soon as the coffee fruit ripens, it is picked for drying. According to the old tradition, the coffee cherries picked our dried on the rooftops. Then, the dried fruit husk is removed and the bean inside revealed. The irregular shape of the bean is what makes them different from the other coffee beans.

Most loved Yemeni coffee flavors!

The coffee produced in Yemen comes in different flavors. The top three to four types of coffees offered in the area include the following:

Mocha mattari:

This type of coffee is planted in the West of Sanaa in Bani Mattar. The taste of this coffee is atypical but is highly-praised by all those who have had it. Coffee drinkers admire the winey acidity in the drink and the variety of chocolate overtones that change the taste making it a little sharper than the other coffees. It comes in further three tastes; light, medium, and dark flavor.

Mocha Sanani:

If you are looking for a well-balanced coffee with a nice distinctive exotic flavor, then Yemeni Mocha Sanani is the drink for you! It is also famous as Arabian Mocha Sanani and is a little less acidic than the Mocha Mattari.

Yemen Ismaili coffee:

The pea-shaped coffee beans are cultivated in central Yemen and are processed to form a nicely brewed cup of coffee.

Recent grand appearance in America!

The news has it that the Yemeni coffee was brought back to America and the coffee beans that were evaluated passed with flying colors. Regarding the beans that were inspected at Equator Coffee (California), about them the co-founder Helen Russell said, “This is a treat, this is a passion, this is history, this is drama, this is the best coffee in the world.”

This ensures the high-quality of the beans. Presently, the port of Mokha’s coffee beans are on their way to New York, California, Paris, Tokyo, Seattle, and will soon reach other parts of the world.