Coffee is the source of much debate in our daily life. But why does the most popular beverage on earth cause so much debate? Well, we could blame it on pseudo-science, which tries to manipulate anything having good effects into a negative outlook, highlighting all of the potential downsides, and discrediting the upsides.

Well, people, you can toss all the questions out the window right now! Why? Because many real and substantiated, scientific studies have been done on the effects of coffee and its benefits, and one thing has been determined time and time again, is that coffee can be really good for you in moderation!

We are in not saying at all that you drink coffee as you would water, but just 2-3 cups throughout the day will improve your energy and well-being and leave you feeling much better!

Still not convinced? Here are several brief reasons why coffee is just too good to be left alone:

Coffee Fires Up Your Brain Function

There is strong evidence that supports the fact that coffee (and caffeinated stuff in general) has been used since the Indian civilizations in South America and the Caribbean used caffeine, whereby the warriors would consume the leaves of the cacao plant to get mentally and physically ready to do battle.

Of these two groups, the Caribs were the most prolific warriors, and as you may have guessed, most consistent users of the cacao. In our modern day relatively relaxed lifestyles, coffee can help us get our brains primed and ready for repetitive tasks.

So, if your job involves doing tasks over and over again, you will become very efficient at what you do. Though caffeine will give you brain energy to continually produce, be careful not to overdo it when your job or tasks require calm thoughts and actions. Now if brain power is what you are in need of, coffee can also reduce the risk of developing neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee Can Prolong Your Life

Very simply coffee prolongs life in several different ways. It works like this: it does this by minimizing your risk of chronic diseases that suck away life, such as heart disease, cancer and more.

The one primary goal of all humans is to live as long a life as possible, in good health, and when it comes to reviewing, coffee may really help you achieve these goals. On average, if you are a coffee drinker you may have up to a 20% reduced mortality rate compared to people who don’t drink coffee when compared over a 15-20 year period.

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