It is not only hard but impossible to find an espresso machine that fulfills the desire of the coffee lovers and provide as much coffee as they want. It’s simply a very tough task as each brand though claim to offer the finest machines lack in one or the other technicality. Among all the fine coffee makers, only a few brands have managed to offer products that deserve a clap and Keurig coffee machines are one of them. Keurig is serving the market since the early nineties. The brand launched its first K-cup pod coffee machine in 1992.

Since then, the brand has manufactured a variety of products. It specializes in building coffee makers that are ideal for use at home and bars. The brand has launched different coffee machines among which few coffee makers are good for home use while the other sturdy machines are perfect for commercial usage. You can keep a small machine at your home or office for your morning coffee and enjoy drinking your favorite beverage every day.

Features of the best Keurig coffee makers

The features that you must check while considering to a buy the coffee maker is as follows:

1. The extent of use

There are both small and large machines available in the market. The smaller ones are more suitable for use at home as they are portable and easy to handle. The large sturdy machines are best for use at the commercial sites. These machines offer customization options when it comes to deciding the strength of the coffee and the brew size.

2. The price and warranty of the product

Though the Keurig brand is known for its cost-effective prices in the market, the machines are available in a wide range of price. Always go for the one that falls within your budget. Also, do check the warranty period of the machine. Purchasing a product with good warranty time period makes it easy for the buyers to get it repaired if damaged.

3. Performance according to the features

  • Brewing quantity

For the purpose of brewing the coffee, the K-cups and the K-carafes are available in the market. Each helps in brewing little and large quantities of coffee respectively.

  • Brewing temperature range

The multiple options for brewing temperatures are what give a unique flavor to the coffee. Thus, while buying the machine, make sure you opt for the one that offers different temperature ranges.

  • Advanced features

The automatic and touchscreen coffee makers are the advanced versions of the coffee machines. They make it easy to use the machine and offer great customer experience. You can get your coffee or milk drink with a single touch! The beautifully designed and durable machines can be programmed to turn-off automatically as well.

  • Water tank/ reservoir

The water tanks of the Keurig coffee makers come in different styles. The hinged-front opening makes it easy to refill the tank with the water. It comes in large size as well and is easy to clean with the help of the de-scale indicator.






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